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Life: Optimized

Find What You Want...and GET IT!

By YOU and Ellen D. Merritt, M.S.

For Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed. D., BCCHt, Guide extraordinaire, whose inspiration and training helped me to put the pieces together and start achieving my own success

In Appreciation:

This book owes its existence to a great many people. First, I extend my gratitude to all those professionals and peers who helped me get through my own struggles to grow and gain strength. I am here today because of you. Thanks to everyone whose own success against personal struggles has inspired me and countless others to battle their way through significant obstacles. Your lives are a beacon of hope for everyone who is convinced that there is no possible way out of their darkness. There is always a way through the minefields but sometimes you have to think creatively. Thank you for your positivism, your strength and your support as you encourage us all! A special thanks to my friends both online and offline, who have played a major part in helping me grow into myself and who never let me give up. You helped me to regain a significant portion of my true self. Each one of you is a survivor and an inspiration. I am grateful to my family for their support and encouragement in spite of some very rough times. Additionally, I give a very special thanks to my husband. He has been a constant support for over a quarter of a century and I consider myself very fortunate to have him in my life. Forward! If you are reading this page, instead of looking through the latest

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