Its My Life & I Can Laugh If I Want To (Chapter 9, page 2 of 5)

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Chapter 9

As Char approached the officer, he asked her if she could be helped, and Char explained that she knew Jade, and asked if it might be alright to take the children home.

The policeman was kind enough to ask Jade, who was rather pale in the face. Before anyone could say another word, Jade's water broke and she looked as if she might faint. That's when the contractions began, and instead of an immediate arrest, they made a call to the ambulance. Char loaded the children up in her car and drove to the hospital to meet Jade, who was by now, well on her way to delivering a 6th child.

Once at the hospital, Char was able to call Byron and he was on his way. She had agreed to stay and keep an eye on the children until his arrival, which she knew wouldn't be any easy task. They behaved like heathens, refusing to listen and running around the waiting area like a bunch of little banshee's.

It was an hour before Byron arrived, and Char suspected he had been into Elmore's stash, which would explain his red eyes and the delay in his arrival. He thanked her and she excused herself to continue home.

By this time, the wind was still howling, but the rain had stopped, and Char was so hungry she was half sick and settled for a burger from a near by fast food place. She ate it in the car, too hungry to care.

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