Its My Life & I Can Laugh If I Want To (Chapter 2, page 1 of 3)

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Chapter 2

Main Characters

Charlotte (Char) - The story revolves around her. Small, petite, brunette. Coming from a good background, she's very well mannered and well spoken. She just moved in the park, as she is recently divorced. She is the one normal person in the bunch.

Ambie - Long time trailer park resident, she's only 30something, smokes, drinks heavily and looks older. She is divorced and bitter. Bleach blond hair, big boobs and very tacky in her manner of dress. Ambie rides a Harley and goes to bluegrass festivals. She becomes Char's friend by default.

Other Characters

Elmore - A 50ish year old mane. He drives an old beat up pickup truck. He has an Internet Porn Website that he runs from his home, and supplements his income by selling weed that he grows himself in his second bathroom. He smokes cigarettes and as much weed as he sells. He is never seen without a beer in his hand.

There is a Hickville School Bus that unloads every weekday at 3:30pm like clockwork. They unload, walk behind Ambie's trailer, straight in to Elmore's back door, money in hand, make their purchase in week, and then exit out of Elmore's other back door on the opposite side of his trailer. This is, of course, the highlight of Elmore's day, as it is his prime sales hour. In fact, Elmore sets his watch alarm for 3:15pm every day, so he can be sure to be ready for the onset of customers.

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