Its My Life & I Can Laugh If I Want To (Chapter 1, page 1 of 2)

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Chapter 1

Ok, I was born a poor…! Stop it! I was born a pretty lucky kid. I had great parents, semi normal siblings, and we lived in a normal middle class neighborhood. It was just the characters along the way that made life interesting. (Heck, maybe I was even one of those characters.) I mean, I got into my share of trouble growing up, got away with what I could, you know, normal kid stuff!

I suppose it was Middle School where things began going awry. I started to "grow up" and became awkward. I was at a new school, and struggling not just a little. I've never really been popular, but by High School, I had managed a few good friends. Some I kept into adulthood, others, I smartly parted ways with out of necessity.

It was my in my sophomore year that I became friends with Annie. She was a little obnoxious and a lot overweight. She had a different crush for every month, and a determination to make if very clear to the lucky recipient.

Of course, as a dedicated friend, humiliation became my middle name, as I became her partner in crime. My job was simple, to get Annie noticed! We frequently made fools of ourselves in the process, and even though we didn't remain friends beyond High School, those memories remained with me over the years.

Even today, I can't visit my hometown without someone inevitably reminding me that I was with her when she tipped the table that already held three solid young men, at the nightclub that night. Then there was how she used to giggle loudly when she conveniently encountered her "man of the month" in the hallways, and bumped in to him as she passed by.

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