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Through the years I've shared some of my life, well, we'll just all them experiences, with friends. They are often greeted with raucous laughter and a reply similar to "Are you writing this stuff down? People would buy it!"

Ok, well, after hearing that repeatedly, here it is! For anyone and everyone who has ever made these comments - I am putting it in writing!

Now, don't expect a story! This is just a compilation of; we'll call them events that just sort of happened. I'll give you a run down of the characters first, and then you can read each "event" on your own, and make your own conclusions. Just remember, the only rule is that you use your imagination….

But here's the thing. To protect the innocent, and not always so innocent, I've written a fictional story, about fictional people. Don't expect a lot of substance here. It's all about being able to laugh at yourself, and each other. It's about accepting those they way they are and loving them anyway.

So, without further ado~ Laugh On!

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