Just Don't Turn Around (Chapter 2, page 2 of 199)

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Chapter 2

" It seems my plan is slowly taking off and now let's get going," I said, invigorated by the first achievement.

"Do you have any time schedule? I mean what you will be doing and when," Nora asked.

"Roughly, however the details still had to be thought out at every step. Above all, I must be ready with all alternatives," I noted pensively.

"I thought you had only one alternative," Nora noted.

"Of course, with reference to leaving from here, I have only one alternative. I am working on a trip to Italy, but when we come to Vienna, we are not going any further," I said and then added: "When talking about alternatives, I am referring to looking out for all the "gimmicks" anybody might make up and somehow precluding them."

"Such as what?" Nora asked with interest.

"Such as… I've heard that sometimes people, out of jealousy, will try to ruin, or completely prevent someone from traveling, so they call customs and say that the Bielek's want to escape from the country… Customs officers at the border will take all our papers and send us back home …," I said.

"Customs officers do not verify anything? How can they know that the one calling is telling the truth?" Nora poured out.

"Look, customs officers will not bother with verifying anything. In addition, the call from the envious people can be anonymous. For them the simplest thing to do is send us home and take no chances that one day somebody will accuse them of neglecting their duties," I explained.

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