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Chapter 5

Nora only smiled and this time she didn't say anything about the poem. She sat at the table, laid down a piece of paper and a pencil, and pensively said: "I will make out a list of things, which we can take with us. Things which we don't need, we can donate to someone."

"Clothing, which the kids have outgrown we can donate, but belongings like appliances, we will sell for a "tiny" sum as "used," I said.

"All right, you take care of the appliances and I will sort through the clothing," Nora said.

"Don't forget we only have four suitcases and three bags. We can take only what will fit," I said.

The following week was possibly one of the best which we lived through at the camp of Bad Kreuzen. Somehow consciously we felt that our following life gathered certain direction and from now on it would be only up to us how we arranged it. From now on, we didn't have to wait for paperwork, sponsors or someone's decision at an embassy. From February 22, only we would make decisions as to what would be next. I sat down at the table opposite Nora and started studying in detail the papers which were given to us at the office. Among them was a letter from AFCR, which informed us we were going into Boston, Massachusetts. I smiled and said: "We are going to Boston…Maybe ICI Company will also be there and they will need a technical sales representative."

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