Biography: Welcome! Please click "follow" if you'd like to be updated about my new releases. For updates on discounts, follow me on BookBub at An author of thrillers, dark and epic-fantasies, Ameel Koro is the new guy in authors'-town. Having been "writing for myself" for over 14 years, he finally decided to publish his first work in 2017 as an indie-author where he entered the field with an impressive heavy weight 193K novel as his first work (Sister of Echo). Competing from scratch with big and well established names in the world of fantasy-fiction like George R. R. Martin and J. R. R. Tolkien whom he admire and respect. A recent Cuyamaca College & Grossmont College graduate from San Diego, California, Ameel Koro holds three associate degrees in History, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Anthropology. He is aiming to obtain a higher education degree in archaeology and volunteer to join archaeological scientific expeditions, with a focus on European pre-medieval pagan societies. In addition to writing novels and completing his education, he also works as a full-time security officer at the world's largest security solutions provider, where he earned over 60 specialized certificates in the field of security and two employee-of-the-quarter awards. Ameel Koro is currently working on his next novel (To A Memory of Hate), which he hopes to release by the end of 2018. Fans can learn more about upcoming releases and events on the web (, which includes a section for the fans' artworks inspired by the author's novels. They can also join my newsletter. NO SPAM--EVER.

Books published by author:

  1. Sister of Echo - the making of a villain
    Sister of Echo - the making of a villain
    by ameel koro

    Rating: 3.4/5 (7 votes cast)

    Story Parts: 6

    Trigger Warning: The book depicts sex, rape, heavy amounts of gore, and regular use of profanity. Slavery, abuse, and torture also serve pivotal roles in the plot. If you have any sensitivities toward such subjects or otherwise take offense to them, proceed with caution.