Biography: Pierre Benoit (1886-1962) was a French novelist who was born in southern France but spent his early years in Northern Africa. A prolific writer, his first novel in 1918, Koenigsmark, was swiftly followed with the romantic fantasy LAtlantide, which won the Grand Prize of the Academie francaise in 1919. A film adaptation was released in 1920.
Books published by author:
  1. Atlantida
    by Pierre Benoit

    Rating: 2.6/5 (148 votes cast)


    To ascend to her throne, Queen Antinea, descended from Atlantis, must fill her Saharan cave with lovers. Willing to inspire kidnapping and murder to collect her human treasures, Antinea also invites scrutiny. Will her investigators stop her, or fall prey to her otherworldly charms?

    Categories: Romance, Fantasy & Paranormal Romance