Biography: This is book 3 in the Recalibrate My Love series. 1. The Garbage Collector 2. Sometimes It's Only Sex. These stories deal with themes of looking beyond the outside of people and learning to love and accept them as they are. If you believe in the power of love and know that love is a verb; requiring action- then you will enjoy not only this series but other book by these authors.
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  1. Diary of a Teen Prodigy: The College Life - Taming the Golden Boys: Volume 3
    Diary of a Teen Prodigy: The College Life - Taming the Golden Boys: Volume 3
    by Alm Hlgh

    Rating: 2.8/5 (164 votes cast)


    I am a normal 15 year old girl entrapped with a mind comparative to Einstein with a fondness and flair for fighting. I think someone described me as the great-granddaughter of Al Capone and Albert Einstein? Yup that’s me. Daisy (that’s my mom) wasn’t fond of traditional marriage and relationships just weren’t working for her, so she decided to pay a visit to a sperm bank; only it wasn’t a regular sperm bank. It was a repository made up of strictly sperm that had been donated by Nobel Prize Laureates and thus I was born: Nevada Tate child prodigy and martial arts extraordinaire.

    Categories: Romance, Other Fiction, Contemporary Romance

  2. Man Up
    Man Up
    by Marjai Hlgh & Alm Hlgh

    Rating: 3.3/5 (317 votes cast)


    Ever wonder why there are some kids men take care of while not their own? Ever wonder why there are so many deadbeat fathers and why and how this cycle continues? Men don’t intentionally decide that one day I’m going to grow up and not take care of my children.

    Categories: Contemporary Romance, Romance