Biography: Never underestimate your power. You may be human, but the power of the spirit inside you has the limitless potential in becoming the greatest there ever was. Never let a minute pass where you feel it is wasted. Go and do things that will help change the world. Even if it’s paying for a $2 cup of coffee for the person behind you or smiling at everyone you pass (and smile like you mean it). It might save someone. Positivity is highly contagious and totally addicting. I cannot thank you enough for reading, Beryllium. Emails, book reviews, and words of encouragement have blanketed me with a happiness that I need 1000 words to describe. The power of giving and lending is undeniable. If you’ve finished reading a hard copy of Beryllium, lend it to your friend and have them do the same. There’s nothing more depressing than books collecting dust.

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  1. Beryllium (A Sample)
    Beryllium (A Sample)
    by Kristen Hata

    Rating: 2.9/5 (171 votes cast)

    Story Parts: 16

    When college student Halima Alexander is beckoned by Angel Falls, she is encompassed in an enticing new dimension of secrets, where myth becomes truth—entangling the teenager in a mysterious web of love, passion, danger and power from her past and present life.