Biography: I am a mother of three amazing teenage sons and an adorable young daughter. We are a blended family that have managed to make a family out of nothing that inspires me everyday. As a young child I discovered I had an ability to write and an unfathomable love of books from any genre. It began with my first publication for a poem I wrote when I was ten, and has continued from there. This crippling passion and love has followed me for many years and now I finally have time to focus my energies on my novels. My daughter and middle step-son share my love of books are an encouragement to share my gift with others.
Books published by author:
  1. Till Dark
    Till Dark
    by Kimberly Jackson

    Rating: 3.6/5 (312 votes cast)


    Jordan wanted to relax and get her life back after the untimely death of her husband Darien. At the insistence of her best friend Alex she took a much needed vacation to a quiet out-of-the-way beach town where the sea and sand could heal the wounds of the past.

    Categories: Romance, Contemporary Romance