Biography: Grant Allen was born in Ontario Canada in 1848 but studied in the United Kingdom and France. He started as a teacher but quickly turned to writing. His first books were on scientific subjects but he turned to fiction where he produced about 30 novels in about 15 years. He was a pioneer in science fiction writing a book on time travel as well as an innovator in mystery writing, with detective novels using female detectives. He was very sympathetic to women's rights. In 1895 he wrote the scandalous book The Woman Who Did, which was seen to be promoting what were thought of as unconventional views on marriage. He was married twice and had a son before dying in 1899.

Books published by author:

  1. The Woman Who Did
    The Woman Who Did
    by Grant Allen

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    This controversial love story was written in 1895 as part of a series about feminist subjects. It is the story of a very independent woman who is a teacher in London. She falls in love with a lawyer and convinces him that they should live together. She becomes pregnant but her lawyer lover dies.

    Categories: Romance, Historical Romance