Biography: Dorothy Canfield Fisher (1879-1958) was born in Kansas, but made Vermont her literal and literary home. Her novels feature local Vermont color and characters. Fisher was an accomplished academic, speaking five languages, earning a doctorate from Columbia, and receiving a half-dozen honorary degrees. A vocal Montessori education advocate, she was also a noted juvenile author. Fisher is today remembered in Vermont with an annual award which is decided by the votes of young readers.
Books published by author:
  1. The Brimming Cup
    The Brimming Cup
    by Dorothy Canfield Fisher

    Rating: 2.3/5 (269 votes cast)


    A young couple could hardly choose a more idyllic place to settle down and raise a family than the small town of Ashley, Vermont, the home of Marise and Neale and their children. Yet, Marise feels a certain excitement is missing between her and the reticent Neale. Enter rich Eugenia from New York City, who has her sights set on igniting Neale's passions. Will she succeed, and if she does, who will ultimately benefit from his affections?

    Categories: Romance, Contemporary Romance