Biography: United States soldier Charles King (1844-1933) served in the Army during the Indian Wars, where he met Buffalo Bill Cody for whom he would later write film scripts. As his military career continued, he became a Brigadier General in the Philippines in 1898. Upon return to the U.S., King remained active in the Wisconsin National Guard and also began writing, turning out over 60 publications including nonfiction military accounts such as Campaigning with Crook, and Western romances like An Apache Princess.

Books published by author:

  1. An Apache Princess
    An Apache Princess
    by Charles King

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    A young Lieutenant is a wanted man. A passionate Apache Princess seeks his admiration, an older maiden lady suspects him of lax morals, and a Scottish girl falls totally in love. Relationships grow complicated amidst Indian scouts, rescue parties, and a French maid with devious motives.

    Category: Western Romance