Biography: AL J. Vermette is from New York City, now living in the Orlando Florida area. Since 2000 he has been the creator and publisher of the horror magazines Blood Moon Rising, The Horror Writer, 2003 and Werewolf Magazine, 2004. He is the author of the novels Lycanthrope: Nature of The Beast and Dark Soul Rising along with the fantasy chapbook series Lucan: Heart of The Warrior, Lucan: Serpents Reign and Lucan: The Defender. He has authored a series of how-to books called Boo Biz: Guide Too Everything Halloween and Boo Biz: Guide Too Home Haunting. AL J. Vermette is the creator of the stage production Blood Fest: Halloween Show & Rock Party held each October since 2003 and host and creator of The Institute of Horror Fantasy & Science Fiction. He has a dog named Benji , a black cat named Pumpkin and her three children Tigger, Jessie and Mickey.
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