Biography: I am currently a writer who is living in San Diego, but was raised in the Midwest, in Kansas City. I was an attorney for 11 years, then gave it all up for a man. Go figure. I hated that work, anyhow, so I didn't pursue law when I moved out to California. Hence, I based my main character, Iris, loosely on my own life. There has always been a contemporary romance writer inside me, yearning to come out. But I was always a writer only in my heart. I took some creative writing courses, and always did well, but I never pursued it as anything other than a hobby. Sometimes not even that. Ironically, my passion for writing was re-awakened when I got to San Diego and needed a flexible job. Flexible as in I needed to go back to the Midwest on a regular basis, so any full-time job could not accommodate that. So, I wanted a job where I could write on-line. And I found one. As an academic writer. In other words, when people bought their academic papers on-line, I was the one writing them. Talk about an embarrassing job! When people asked what I did, I said that I help people cheat. LOL. But that job was wonderful for me, because I wrote virtually every single day. It activated that part of my brain. I wrote around 600 different papers for that service, for high school students all the way up to PhD. Now, I can't imagine doing anything with my life than to offer escapism through creating sexy and wonderful (and wonderfully flawed) characters! Ryan Gallagher is the contemporary and sexy hero that I always wished I could find. Who wouldn't? Writing about this sexy man gets my juices flowing, and I hope that reading about him gets yours!

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