Biography: Indiana native Andy Adams (1859-1935) wrote stories of the American west where he grew up and spent years driving cattle as an adult. He worked in business and gold mining before his writing career took off with the success of The Log of a Cowboy in 1903. Soon followed other Western novels like A Texas Matchmaker (1904) and Cattle Brands (1906). Although his work is fiction, it is known for its faithfulness to the true Western experience.

Books published by author:

  1. A Texas Matchmaker
    A Texas Matchmaker
    by Andy Adams

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    Lance Lovelace, a self-proclaimed student of human nature, introduces his nephew to Esther McLeod at a country dance, and they dance all night together. They want to marry, but her family objects and sends Esther away, though not without leaving a trail a young cowboy in love can easily follow.

    Category: Western Romance